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"Jannike is a wonderful instructor and caring individual. Her success with horses and the people she trains is only matched with the dedication and personal commitment she has for the sport." CP

Frau Schufro at 5 Years Old

"Jannike has the patience, knowledge and skills that are rarely found in one trainer.

As an adult amateur rider, mom and business owner I don't always arrive for my lessons in a calm way. Jannike is able to use her people skills and patience to settle me down and in turn make the lesson productive.

Her knowledge breath and depth is phenomenal. She is able to break skills down into chunks that are easy to understand and execute. She thinks out of the box when it comes to problem solving and utilizes other professionals if needed.

Watching Jannike ride her own horses and my own is so amazing. The best part is she can then tell you what's going on with your horse and help you get the same results. The other exceptional skill Jannike has is helping in show preparation. She has shown so much that she has some great advice on how to maximize your score.

I feel very fortunate to be able to train with Jannike." JB


​​"I've been training regularly with Jannike for three years now. Throughout those years she has helped build up my dressage seat as well as my confidence. She helped me through purchasing my first horse, and all the challenges that come with owning one. As a rider she is extremely talented and accomplished. As a teacher she has a knowledgeable and mature approach for someone so young. Some people are gifted in their craft, but not all of them are teachers. Jannike is one of the lucky few who has talents in both, and even luckier are her students. I highly recommend her as a trainer for both horse and human!" -CK



"Jannike is such a talented rider. It's quite amazing what she can get out of a horse -- the willingness from each horse she rides! She is extremely generous with her time as a trainer and coach. I spent many hours training with Jannike and have lasting results from our sessions!" KH

"There are not enough amazing words to describe the talent and dedication of Jannike.
I have known her from a teen, and she has become an incredible rider, trainer, and young professional. She will leave a lasting impression on anyone who has the privilege of working with her. Jannike's knowledge supersedes her age because of her persistence of continual growth." LT

"Fabulous place and trainer for anyone looking for stress free classical dressage training!" NG

"I have been taking dressage lessons with Jannike since she was 13 years old! She is an amazing instructor and incredibly kind person. With innovative exercises, she encourages her riders to get out of their comfort zone, and amazing things are accomplished! My lessons with Jannike have been an indispensable part of my dressage education." AW

"I have only had 2 lessons so far, but I am completely hooked! She teaches for the betterment of the horse, for happiness and relaxation.. And doesn't cut corners. She is also fantastic at explaining her concepts and creates many 'lightbulb moments' for me. It is truly refreshing to work with her." KB

"Jannike is a compassionate, intelligent and talented horsewoman. I have a great deal of respect for her and her abilities. It's been an honor to have been a part of her life!" KW


Jannike Gray Dressage

"There are so many positive things I can say about Janni. As a trainer she is patient, kind and so knowledgeable. She breaks things down into bite size pieces and can get you through a difficult time. Janni can just look at me and know what I am feeling. As a horse owner she is the epitome of an alpha mare. She is fair, consistent and always puts the wellbeing of her horses first. If I have a medical or training question Janni usually has an answer. When it comes to show strategy and prep she is just amazing. Again she breaks things down into pieces so you can feel successful. Thank you Janni for everything you have taught me." JB